General Information
Species ½ Jury Rigg's Species
½ Galvanic Mechamorph
Body Gremlin
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Merging with Tech
Upgrading/Fixing Tech
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
UpRigg is the Biomnitrix's fusion of Upgrade, and Jury Rigg.


UpRigg has the body of Jury Rigg with the circuit pattern of Upgrade. His arms, legs and stomach are slightly more rounded than Jury Rigg's. Rather than a devil tip, he has a plug on the end of his tail similar to Feedback's. His ears and nose are longer and pointier.


  • UpRigg has the ability to merge with technology like Upgrade.
  • With Jury Rigg's technological intellect, he can create and upgrade machines.

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