Ultimate Spidermonkey
Negative ultimate spidermonkey official
General Information
Species Evolved Arachnichimp
Home World Aranhaschimmia
Body Gorilla-Arachnid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Web Spit
Super Strength
Enhanced Agility
Scaling Walls
Spider Legs
Voice Actor Paul Eiding
First Appearance Fame
Ultimate Spidermonkey is the evolved form of Spidermonkey.


Ultimate Spidermonkey is a large gorilla alien. He has 8 limbs and 6 eyes. He has spider fangs on the sides of his mouth. The Ultimatrix is on his stomach with 8 spikes on it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultimate Spidermonkey has super strength.
  • He can spit webs by splitting his jaw.
  • He is very agile and can climb walls.

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