Ultimate Panuncian
Ultimate Pan. Artwork
General Information
Species Evolved Panuncian
Home World Hathor
Body Cat-Like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Sharp Claws/Teeth
High Speed/Agility
First Appearance For a Few Brains More
Ultimate Panuncian is the evolved form of Khyber's Panuncian.


Ultimate Panuncian resembles Panuncian but is much bigger. It has patches of fur missing on parts of his body. It has spikes on it's shoulders and on it's back. It's head is now armored with a huge horn and fangs. It wears the Nemetrix on it's collar.


  • Ultimate Panuncian is super strong and huge.
  • It most likely can duplicate itself like it's base form.
  • He has sharp teeth and claws.
  • He has high speed and agility.


Ultimate Panuncian can be immoblized by firing large amounts of water down it's throat. Smaller things can climb on it and smash it's Nemetrix apart.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • For a Few Brains More

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