Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur Pose


General Information
Species Evolved Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino
Body Armored Dinosaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Missile Hands
Super Strength
Durable Armor
Mace Tail
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance The Final Battle: Part 1

Ultimate Humungousaur is the ultimate form of Humungousaur.


As of Omniverse, Ultimate Humungousaur is a grey, bulky, dinosaur-like alien. He has a dull blue shell on his back and shoulders lined with a metallic-grey material and with spikes. His arms have huge wires coming out of his skin like veins. He has some kind of armor on his head with spikes and a mace tail. He has metallic muscles jutting out from his legs and triceps. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultimate Humungousaur is super strong.
  • He has a durable shell.
  • He can turn his hands into guns and fire missiles.
  • His tail can be used as a weapon.

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