Ultimate Albedo
General Information
Species Evolved Galvan
Home World Galvan Prime
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hyper Evolved Intelligence
Energy Beams
Telekinetic Brain Waves
Force Fields
Equipment Hovercraft
Voice Actor Eric Bauza
First Appearance The Ultimate Heist
Ultimate Albedo (or Ultimate Grey Matter) is the evolved form of Albedo/Grey Matter.


Ultimate Albedo has a large head with small arms and legs and requires a hovercraft to move. He has a third eye in the center of his head. His hovercraft is red with an hourglass symbol on the front and laser guns on the sides. The Ultimatrix is on the top of his head.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultimate Albedo possesses an evolved intelligence that is superior to most.
  • He can fire powerful energy beams from his middle eye.
  • He can fly with his hovercraft.
  • He can release brainwaves that push objects back.
  • He is capable of making force fields.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • The Ultimate Heist
  • A Fistful of Brains
  • For a Few Brains More (x4)
  • Malgax Attacks