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General Information
Species Pyronite
Home World Pyros
Body Fire Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Lava Shooting
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enchanced Reflexes
Fire Absorption
Pyro/Cyro Immunity
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Heatblast is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pyronite from Pyros. For the reboot version, please see this.


Heatblast is a fire alien whose body has a bright inner lava body covered in dark red rocks. His head has a flame covering it and his feet are an oval like shape with two toes and one back toe. The Omnitrix is on his chest.


  • Heatblast can shoot and manipulate fire and intense heat from his body.
  • He can shape that fire into fireballs, fire breath, flaming discs, fire tornadoes, and wield flaming fists.
  • Heatblast can fly by propelling himself like a rocket or surfing on a fire board.
  • He is immune to fire, heat, ice, cold and magma.
  • He has enhanced strength and durability.
  • He is capable of channeling fire through the ground, enabling him to fly on a rock.
  • Heatblast can shoot fire so hot it can melt objects.
  • His flames can explode.
  • When he has a cold, Heatblast ironically shoots ice.
  • If he focuses hard enough, Heatblast can use his fire underwater.


When Heatblast is exposed to water, his flame goes out and he must wait to heat up again.


Ben 10

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  • Washington B.C.
  • Permanent Retirement
  • Tourist Trap
  • Kevin 11
  • The Alliance
  • Side Effects
  • Secrets (x2)
  • The Big Tick
  • Framed (by Kevin x2)
  • Gwen 10 (by Gwen)
  • Back With a Vengeance (x5)
  • Midnight Madness
  • Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures
  • Monster Weather
  • The Visitor
  • Don't Drink the Water
  • Big Fat Alien Wedding
  • Ben 10 vs the Negative 10 (cameo)
  • Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
  • Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (x2)
  • Ben 10: Race Against Time

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • The Forge of Creation (by 10-year-old Ben)
  • Viktor: The Spoils
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • A Jolt from the Past
  • Trouble Helix (by 11-year-old Ben)
  • Of Predators and Prey: Part 1
  • Of Predators and Prey: Part 2
  • Malefactor (x2)
  • Showdown: Part 1
  • T.G.I.S.
  • Store 23
  • Stuck On You


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