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General Information
Species Galilean
Home World Keplorr
Body Humanoid Planet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gravity Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance A Jolt From the Past
Gravattack is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galilean from Keplorr.


Gravattack is a big red rock like alien with a huge mouth and a molten core on his chest. He wears black shorts with green and a belt. He has the Omnitrix on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gravattack can control gravity to make things really light or incredibly heavy and can move them around in the air or slam them into the ground.
  • He can make objects orbit around him.
  • Gravattack can roll up into a planetoid sphere for speacial orbit attacks.
  • He can use his abilities to levitate in the air.
  • He has enhanced strength and durability.
  • He can survive in the vacuum of space.


  • If his core takes a large amount of damage, he could meltdown and explode like a planet, as shown in "Food Around The Corner" when the Hulex dug into him.
  • His large body means he can't move in small spaces.
  • Sudden changes of mass can throw off his orbit, as shown in "For A Few Brains More", when Albedo transforms into Armodrillo to disorient Ben.
  • Gravvattack can't stop someone from using energy based attacks.
  • Gravattack's orbit
  • Gravity Fields
  • Gravattack's special orbit ability

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