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• 11/17/2014

Fusion Pages

Should we make pages for the Bandai Fusion aliens since we have no Biomnitrix page? I think we can but without legit names we will have to name them either Alien 1-Alien 2 or Alien 1/Alien 2 Fusion.

My other option is making a Fusion category page with full body shots of all the fusions but only with links to Fusions with pages such as Fourmungousaur.

Choose an option or suggest a different one or modify the above

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• 11/18/2014

Honestly I agree with both and would like to see how they would play out but if I had to choose I'd make separate pages. When an alien is shown people make a page and title it Unknown Alien. They have a pic but no name yet they still do it anyway so we should too.

On the other hand the Fusion page also works too.

• 11/18/2014

Oppose Oppose —Too much work.

• 11/23/2014
I say we do the second but avoid linking Fourmungousaur and other confirmed Fusion aliens. We should just do full body shots.
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